QBlue™ by Boliy™ USA

QBlue™ 3600 Generators are sold exclusively by Boliy™ USA. They have been designed to meet the unique standards of the RV and outdoor enthusiast. Boliy™ USA began in 2007. From the first generation of 3600SI generators, Boliy™ USA has been committed to creating and developing high quality, efficient generators at the lowest possible cost.
Customer feedback gave Boliy™ USA the opportunity to advance its products; offering increasingly efficient, quiet and reliable generators with new features. Boliy™ USA generators underwent constant refinement based on research, development, and technology advances. These refinements led to the 2014 QBlue™ series of generators, which include pull-start, electric, and remote electric start models. Q-Blue™ generators were conceived to fit the unique needs of the RV industry: more peak power, increased fuel economy, and reduced noise.

Boliy™ Power

Boliy™ USA is a branch of Boliy™ Power - an international power systems company with research and development facilities in China and trade relationships throughout Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and North America. Boliy™ Power develops and manufactures emergency power systems, including inverter generators, wind generators, and water pumps.
Established in 1996, this high-tech enterprise focuses on product research, development and manufacturing. Boliy™ Power is affiliated with a company with strong roots in molding and metal machining that provides parts for companies like Panasonic® and Phillips®.The R&D center and production facilities have a building area of 65,000 square feet on 3 acres of land.
Boliy™ inverter generators have been the company's leading products. Boliy™ is fully certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 Systems, and has passed CARB, CE, EPA2012, E-MARK (Stage Two), and EMC tests. Boliy™ Power produces the best and most reliable generators in the world. Boliy™ inverter generators are powerful, quiet, lightweight and efficient, challenging and exceeding Honda® and Yamaha® standards while providing the most value in their class.